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16.1 h 4 yr old Hanoverian mare
Sired By Falsterboro
Out of Wolkentessa (Wolkenglanz)

Looking for a sweet hunter prospect ? Check this girl out that we have in our training program. Finale is a 16.1 h 4 yr old Hanoverian mare. By Falsterboro out of Wolkentessa (Wolkenglanz) Gorgeous mover with super rideability! She has just been under saddle three months! So easy and sweet. This video of her for her first time jumping flower boxes and she was wonderful! 25k

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16.2 1/2  2001  Thoroughbred gelding
Available for on site Full or Half Lease

Gallway has a proven show record in all three rings and has the ability to take a 2’ rider and move them up to the 3’ show ring. He is the whole package from being a fancy mover at all three gaits to having a consistent and athletic jump and a very adjustable stride that will make it down the lines that is complete with an auto-lead change in the corners. He doesn’t need many, if any professional rides and requires little prep and maintenance to get into the show ring. Once he is in the show ring it is just point and shoot; Grady knows and loves his job and will jump anything you put in front of him with no questions asked. He has no vices and will turn out, trailer, groom, clip and tie without any problems. He can also be shown right off the trailer during the outdoor show season.

In the past he has shown in the Baby Greens, the 1st Year Greens, the 2’6 Low Child/Adult Hunters, the 3’ Child/Adult Hunters, the 3’ Training Jumpers, the 3’3 and 3’6 Junior and A/O Hunters, and the 3’ TAKE2/ Jockey Club Incentive Thoroughbred classes. He has also competed in both the USHJA International and National Derbies a few times with a junior and adult rider. While his owner was in college, Grady took a job as a lesson horse where riders learned everything from how to canter all the way up to showing in the 3’ ring; he even showed in the IEA and IHSA rings during this time.

After his owner’s return from college, he has been exclusively shown in the Adult Amateur Hunters in Ohio where he was consistently earning top ribbons. He was Champion or Reserve Champion at every show entered and has been in the top three for every NAL/WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter Classic that he has shown in.

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7 yr old 13.2 Welsh/ WB cross mare 

Maggie has been away at an offsite lease to a "A" barn being used in their lesson program for 2 years. She has come back to us and we are so excited to be able to use her in our program! She is tolerant of walk/trot riders and also is wonderful for more advanced kids ready to show in the Medium pony hunters. Super brave, great jump and easy lead change!

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"Calliandra WH"

5 yr old Premium Oldenburg Mare by Eldeweiss De Bonce out of Censation WH (Cabalito x Toy Parade xx)

Exceptional type, temperament and ability for the hunter ring.  Good Local  and rated miles in the 2'6-2'9- ready for the Pre-Greens or Child/Adult hunters in 2016. Currently showing at HITS Ocala, priced mid 5 figures. 

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"Carlsburg WH"

2016 Premium Oldenburg Verband colt by Cabalito out of Gandina WH (Tristarr X Goldschlager)

This colt has a truly wonderful, easy going temperament. Outstanding prospect for the hunter ring. Gorgeous mover, elastic and athletic. one of 11 full siblings with many Champions in the hunter, Eq and jumper ring. As close to a perfect proven cross as you are going to get! 17k. 

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  • Carlsburg WH
  • Sox- Sibling
    "Sox" Half - Brother to Gandina WH and by Cabalito (out of Godet) He is a 3/4 sibling to Carlsburg WH
  • Sibling
    Half- Sister to Gandina by Cabalito (out of Godet) This is a 3/4 sibling to Carlsburg WH
  • Cocktail WH - Sibling
    Cocktail WH- Out of Gandina and By Cabalito
    This is a full sibling to Carlsburg WH
  • Cantina WH-Sibling
    Cantina WH- Out of Gandina and By Cabalito
    This is a full sibling to Carlsburg WH
  • "Cahula WH" -Sibling
    "Cahula WH" - Out of Gandina and By Cabalito
    This is a full sibling to Carlsburg WH
  • "Cahula WH" -Sibling
    "Cahula WH" - Out of Gandina and By Cabalito
    This is a full sibling to Carlsburg WH
  • Sibling-Crown Jewel WH
    Crown Jewel WH- 2015 Out of Gandina and By Cabalito
    This is a full sibling to Carlsburg WH
  • Cappuchino WH - Sibling
    Cappuchino WH - Sibling to Carl
  • Sibling
  • Cuervo WH-Sibling
    Cuervo WH- Gandina WH x CabalitoThis fancy gelding is now being aimed for FEI dressage caree. This is a full sibling to Carlsburg WH
  • sibling11
  • Sibiling
  • Sibling
    Gandina WH x Cabalito (2013 colt - This is a full sibling to Carlsburg WH)